Hersham Riverside

Volunteer rolling the path at Hersham Riverside

The Trust has now spent all the funds it had raised for Hersham Riverside.  The site is owned by Elmbridge Borough Council and the Project became involved in the site when the management of it was handed to the Borough’s Countryside team.  Fundraising by the Trust started back in 2007 and received a big boost with a grant of £7,990 from the National Lottery through the  Big Lottery Fund and Breathing Places award in 2008.  In total £11,049.15 was raised by the Trust, including a donation in memory of Project volunteer Dave Young, who lived in Hersham, from his friends and family.

The first work funded by the Trust, was scrub clearance to widen some of the paths, and took place in October 2007.  Since then the  Project has installed benches, welcome signs and surfaced nearly 400m of path, as well as clearing back overgrown vegetation from paths, opening up views of the river and clearing young tree from the riverside meadows.  The meadows are now under regular management by the Countryside  team  to maintain the riverside landscape of meadows and hedges.

The Trust also held two Open Days, one in glorious weather and the other on a wet and windy day, to encourage local people to visit this attractive spot.

The work has been supported throughout by the Countryside team and particularly by their excavator driver Ashley, who has been a great help with preparing paths for surfacing and loading materials into dumper trucks.

September 2012

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