Did you know that the Lower Mole Countryside Trust have money to give away for conservation and access projects?

Since we became a registered charity in 2003 we have been able to support several local groups with funding to enable them to complete various projects such as purchasing trees for an orchard, an interpretation panel and volunteer training in the use of brushcutters.

If you are planning a project which needs a bit of extra finance to facilitate completion please contact us.  The Board of Trustees meets every couple of months to discuss applications so you do not have to wait long for an answer.

We will be pleased to consider applications of up to £500, although larger amounts could be available if our budget permits.  All we need is for you to fill in our simple, one side of A4 application form, which asks for a brief outline of the project, the overall costing and any other sources of funding.  If you are planning a larger project, we could assist by putting you in touch with other funding bodies.

Our criteria are as follows:

  • It must be in accordance with the aims of the Trust
  • It should be visible to the public and/or of benefit to the public
  • If the proposal relates to conservation interest it must be in line with the relevant Habitat Action Plan or Species Action Plan
  • If the proposal improves public access it must not be detrimental to any conservation interest
  • It should be supported by the local community.

You do not need to be members of the Trust to receive our assistance although, of course, applications for membership are always welcome.

Please contact us via email for an application form.

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